M-CAN Intrusion Dataset

1. Dataset Release

This dataset is a M-CAN normal dataset and abnormal dataset containing attack messages. This dataset was extracted from the Genesis g80 during about 36 minutes, and the attack messages were subsequently injected.

2. Dataset

2-1. data attributes

            • Timestamp: record time

            • Arbitration ID: identifier of CAN message in HEX (ex. 043f)

            • DLC: number of data bytes, from 0 to 8

            • Data[0] ~ Data[7]: data value (byte)

            • Label: 1.0 or 0.0, 1.0 represents injected message while 0.0 represents normal message

2-2. Attack type

Two attacks are provided: DoS, and Fuzzing. A DoS attack is an attack that denials service what the CAN bus protocol with meaningless messages by sending the fixed AID and payload. A fuzzing attack is an attack that causes unexpected behavior by sending a message with random AID, DLC, and payload values.

            • DoS: Injecting message of '0x00000000' CAN ID every 0.25 millisecond during 4 seconds

            • Fuzzing: Injects a message with random AID, DLC, and Payload values every 0.1 milliseconds during 1 seconds

3. download

Dataset Download Link : //

4. Contact

Huy Kang Kim (cenda at korea.ac.kr)