In-Vehicle Network Intrusion Detection Challenge

1. Description

This dataset was used at the “In-vehicle Network Intrusion Detection track’ of ‘Information Security R&D Data Challenge 2019.’

It consists of in-vehicle network traffic data of HYUNDAI Sonata, KIA Soul, and CHEVROLET Spark. 

The dataset includes Normal data and Attack data (i.e., Flooding, Fuzzy, Malfunction, and Replay attack).

* Class is ‘R’ or ‘T’ – ‘R’ is a normal message, and ‘T’ is an attack message. 

The preliminary dataset includes the three types of vehicles (CHEVROLET Spark, HYUNDAI Sonata, KIA Soul) and attack (Flooding, Fuzzy, Malfunction). 

The final dataset divided two sessions, and each session consists of different types of attacks. In the final, 1st session includes the Fuzzy and Malfunction attack, 2nd session includes Malfunction and a Replay attack. 

The dataset has Timestamp (logging time), CAN ID (CAN Identifier), DLC (Data length code), Payload (CAN data field). Also, each dataset of the train has a Class field. 

All dataset was collected on the stationary state of each vehicle.

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