CAN Signal Extraction and Translation Dataset

1. Dataset 

This dataset is intended to support CAN analysis research such as signal extraction and translation. The dataset consists of 40 CAN traffic logs collected by periodically sending OBD queries while driving in a controlled environment. Each log file is named with the PID used to query when collecting CAN traffic. 

1.1 Data attributes

Timestamp, CAN ID, DLC, DATA[0], DATA[1], DATA[2], DATA[3], DATA[4], DATA[5], DATA[6], DATA[7]

    1.    Timestamp : recorded time (s)

    2.    CAN ID : identifier of CAN message in HEX (ex. 043f)

    3.    DLC : number of data bytes, from 0 to 8

    4.    DATA[0~7] : data value (byte)


For academic purposes, we are happy to release our datasets. If you want to use our dataset for your experiment, please cite our paper.

If you want to download dataset, please fill out the questionnaire at the following URL.

2. Publication

3. Contact

Huy Kang Kim (cenda at