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Driving Dataset

1. Dataset Release

For academic purposes, we are happy to release our driving dataset. If you use our dataset for your experiment, please cite our paper.

Driving time : about 23 hours
Driving length : about 46km (round-trip)
Driving path : between Korea University and SANGAM World Cup Stadium
# of Driver : 10 (A to J classes in the dataset and our paper.) 

2. Applicable Area 

  • User (driver) classification based on driving pattern analysis 
  • Personalization service (combined with infotainment service based on the classification result) 
  • Auto theft detection 

3. Publication

Byung Il Kwak, Jiyoung Woo and Huy Kang Kim, "Know Your Master: Driver Profiling-based Anti-theft Method", PST (Privacy, Security and Trust) 2016
4. Acknowledgement


You can find additional resources and tutorials (written in Korean) in the above URLs. 

Contact : Byung Il Kwak ( ) or Huy Kang Kim (