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Driving Dataset

1. Dataset Release

For academic purposes, we are happy to release our driving dataset. If you have any question, please contact "Byung Il Kwak".

Driving time : about 23 hours
Driving length : about 46km (round-trip)
Driving path : between Korea University and SANGAM World Cup Stadium
# of Driver : 10

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2. Applicable Area 

User (driver) classification based on driving pattern analysis 
Personalization service (combined with infotainment service based on the classification result) 
Auto theft detection 

3. Publication

Byung Il Kwak, Jiyoung Woo and Huy Kang Kim, "Know Your Master: Driver Profiling-based Anti-theft Method", PST (Privacy, Security and Trust) 2016
Paper PDF download: 
title={Know your master: Driver Profiling-based Anti-theft method},
author={Kwak, Byung Il and Woo, Jiyoung and Kim, Huy Kang},
booktitle={PST 2016},

Contact : Byung Il Kwak ( ) or Huy Kang Kim (