Hacking and Countermeasure Research Lab. (est. in 2010)

Major Research Areas

– Online Game Security 
• Game Bot Detection and Prevention
• Gold-farmer group Detection
• In-game Fraud Detection (e.g. Real Money Trade issue by gold-farmers)
• Pirate Server Detection and Prevention

– Fraud Detection System
Various Fraud in Internet Portal Service 
• FDS for Internet Banking and Internet Payment System

– Network and System Security
• Intrusion Detection with data mining and machine learning 
– Automobile Security, SCADA system (Water Grid, Smart Grid)
• Malware Analysis (Cyber Genome) Mal-Netminer, APIMDS
• Mobile App vulnerability analysis - Andro-Profiler, Andro-Tracker, Andro-AutoPsy, Andro-Dumpsys, SAPIMMDS

– Dataset