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 Huy Kang Kim


He received his PhD in industrial and systems engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2009. He received an MS degree from KAIST in 2000. He received a BS degree in industrial management from KAIST in 1998. 

He founded A3 Security Consulting, the first information security consulting company in South Korea in 1999. Also, he was a member and the last leader of KUS (KAIST UNIX Society), the legendary hacking group in South Korea. 

Currently he is an associate professor in Graduate School of Information Security, Korea University. His recent research is focused on solving many security problems in online games based on the user behavior analysis. Before joining Korea University, he was a technical director (TD) and a head of information security department of NCSOFT (2004~2010), one of the most famous MMORPG companies in the world.


1994.3-1998.2    BS, Industrial Management, KAIST

1998.3-2000.2    MS, Industrial Engineering, KAIST

2000.3-2009.2    Ph.D, Industrial and System Engineering, KAIST 

Work Experiences

2017.11              Co-Founder, AI.Spera  

2015.3-present   Associate Professor, Graduate School of Information Security, Korea University 

2016.3-2017.2   Visiting Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

2010.3-2015.2    Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Information Security, Korea University

2004.5-2010.2    Head of Information Security Department/Technical Director, NCSOFT

1999.8                Founder, A3 Security Consulting 


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